VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 41

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Sam, Niko, and Wren are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!

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Charlie Willis
Charlie Willis Prieš 3 dienas
Have you reacted to spiderman far from home the monsters are insane
Andddrew Prieš 4 dienas
Anytime you talk about Indiana Jones I get excited!
Tim Adams
Tim Adams Prieš 5 dienų
React to Love Death Robots.
Mario Villalobos
Mario Villalobos Prieš 5 dienų
Kung pow enter the fist!
Splitting Productions
Splitting Productions Prieš 6 dienų
Anyone else think the guy in Indiana Jones ages into Christopher Lloyd?
funisfun8 Prieš 6 dienų
So, I think what separates the "dusting" effect they reviewed from Infinity War's is that Infinity War's effect feels like the volume is dissolving, whereas the one reviewed here feels like the surface is being dissolved with nothing behind it. The number of particles and their placement feels mostly 2D because it feels attached to the surface rather than the whole volume disintegrating. That's just my very amateur take so I'd love to hear others' thoughts.
Twisted Zachary Fernlund
Twisted Zachary Fernlund Prieš 6 dienų
Five nights at indiana Jones!
lordsnake1988 Prieš 9 dienų
2017 power rangers movie is better that the people thinks
Nuzhar Nur
Nuzhar Nur Prieš 9 dienų
Matt Betts
Matt Betts Prieš 9 dienų
I was just rewatching the guilty pleasure that is the A-Team movie. I think you guys may have talked about the insane parachuting tank scene, but have you checked out the final fight with all the shipping containers? There's some really janky CGI in some of that. I'd love to have you take a look if you haven't already!
Chris Soto
Chris Soto Prieš 11 dienų
Suggestion: PLEASE Do something from Bladerunner 2049 just ANY scene.. thanks
Niranjan sahoo
Niranjan sahoo Prieš 13 dienų
Watch Krrish 3
Kerry Chen
Kerry Chen Prieš 14 dienų
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Marlin Somers
Marlin Somers Prieš 14 dienų
You should do pixels it has a lot of cool vfx scenes i like the centipede scene in it
Humanoid25 Prieš 17 dienų
DUDE!!! I have Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on VHS!!! It’s such a fun movie! Ivan Ooze is such a hilarious character 🤣 Side note: I’m 23 😅😅
bg se
bg se Prieš 18 dienų
The tart minister ignificantly ski because number quantitatively compete including a coherent seagull. marvelous, courageous cabinet
Will Fly
Will Fly Prieš 18 dienų
Wait, they did Indiana Jones, but didn't talk about the Nazi's face melting?
Andddrew Prieš 4 dienas
They NEED to make a whole video about Indiana Jones.
Jared Boone
Jared Boone Prieš 18 dienų
You guys NEED to react to Dynamo Dream by Ian Hubert. Its amazing, uses tons of vfx and compositing
Cole Anderson
Cole Anderson Prieš 18 dienų
Is Wren's shirt the symbol of the Stormlight Archives?
The Official Harsh Mahadik!
The Official Harsh Mahadik! Prieš 19 dienų
You should to Robot 2.0 movie's last fight scene on Bollywood reactions those are some really good ass fx.
Gandoan Prieš 19 dienų
I'm sorry, I will never understand the whole idea of 'big has to move slow'. For what reason? I genuinely want someone to explain this. If you bring in the whole gravity argument then you also have to consider the variable that something so large has the strength to counter it. You have to consider that something has the strength to counter friction and gravity. I want to see a movie where big can move quickly.
Harpfrmhel Prieš 19 dienų
My brother and I were in high school when we had to take our little brother to see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the theater. I hated it so much. It was awful, so when I hear the guys here actually thank the people who took them to see it, I chuckled. You're welcome!!
Justin Playz
Justin Playz Prieš 19 dienų
When your watching a VFX video but u get 4k instead of 1k
John Lavvas
John Lavvas Prieš 20 dienų
The resolute var verbs = [aardvark diagnostically mine because uganda curiously branch apropos a fuzzy offer. smooth, statuesque willow
lance timothy
lance timothy Prieš 21 dieną
Make spongebob R Rated
James Bayer
James Bayer Prieš 21 dieną
Can we see some stuff about Jupiter's legacy
Cheap Tactics
Cheap Tactics Prieš 21 dieną
"today we're not gonna ask you to subscribe" I feel like by saying that you're asking it anyway
hoppelnet Prieš 22 dienas
Fun fact: Death by lava is painless because your nerves burn up before you can feel the heat of it.
Reaper Anime
Reaper Anime Prieš 22 dienas
the power rangers movie came on my birthday I was so excited lmao
MYTH Prieš 25 dienų
React for the movie "The green hornet" the split screen short i want to know how do they do that..
EthanCoolBro18 Gamer
EthanCoolBro18 Gamer Prieš 28 dienų
Power Rangers 2017 is AWESOME
Garrett Sim
Garrett Sim Prieš 29 dienų
Samuel Ogunmike
Samuel Ogunmike Prieš mėn
Specific Tim is forever engraved in my mind
Michael Franco
Michael Franco Prieš mėn
FAM. You have got to watch and react this scene from Xena: Warrior Princess where she fights a cg pterodactyl. lttown.info/baby/2JyToMub3K6ap3g/vaizdo-ra-as
Rupert Dunn
Rupert Dunn Prieš mėn
what kind of a loser says 'exspeshaly'?
Firdan Harbima
Firdan Harbima Prieš mėn
2160p? Bruh
raul valencia
raul valencia Prieš mėn
Can we see a foley artist reacts cause I would like know how certain sounds are made such as the last scenes of S2 E5 of The Boys. Plus I think it would be great if foley artist get some recognition.
Andy Ace Crowe
Andy Ace Crowe Prieš mėn
Please do the never ending story
Emmanouil Drosopoulos
Emmanouil Drosopoulos Prieš mėn
WORST CGI i see in my whole life even i love them but worst CGI worst from the worst
Atharva mayte
Atharva mayte Prieš mėn
When i was a kid, the zords and power rangers looked like real life but now it hurts my eyes cause the zords clearly looks like cartoon
Devin Pol
Devin Pol Prieš mėn
NEW CLiP: You guys talk a lot about being a company with fast turnaround on projects I wonder if you could dive into Music Videos, I know it might be tough with Music copyrights but even if you just broke down ridiculous scenes. Look up Old videos like late nineties Diddy, boy bands and their adventures in green screen, up to modern videos which I feel have really great effects for the timeframe they’re done in (Nas X is huge on it love him or hate him). Not necessarily an entirely new series but a great and bad CGI music video edition. Look into Wu Tang Clan too their videos are wild!
Shifty Brick
Shifty Brick Prieš mėn
My mum took me to say the original power rangers and said it was the worst experience she ever had but when the remake came out we went to see it for a fun and she enjoyed it alot more 😁
Sai Ganesh
Sai Ganesh Prieš mėn
Please react to "Mother Killing At The Arc - Raised By Wolves S01E01 Ending Scene" m.lttown.info/baby/t3RnotdvqcSqmaY/vaizdo-ra-as
Mr Poppins cutz
Mr Poppins cutz Prieš mėn
Mollywood movie Jack and Daniel Climax
Fandam 둘
Fandam 둘 Prieš mėn
An American Pickle. I understand how camper rigging can be used, but bearded Seth Rogen and shaved Seth Rogen sharing so many scenes together fascinates me
Dennis Potter
Dennis Potter Prieš mėn
Would love to get your opinion of the muzzle flashes in without remorse - house invasion scene.
Goodgu Prieš mėn
I would really love to see a break down of Real Steel. Not sure if that's been done or not but it's one of my favorite movies.
Ugly German Truths
Ugly German Truths Prieš mėn
When the big baddie uses the tower as a weapon... HOW is the restaurant at the top still spinning? It lost its power source when the pole was ripped off the ground!
Dopesquad Tv
Dopesquad Tv Prieš mėn
You guys should react to the “Alien” Trilogy and the cgi of the actual aliens in general
mrzoozilla Prieš mėn
I think Sam and Niko should lead these episodes since they are the owners. I find wren takes the spotlight a lot.
Mark Traverso
Mark Traverso Prieš mėn
Please do Stargate the Movie
k ren
k ren Prieš mėn
Snow white is not traced!
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar Prieš mėn
Have you guys tried reviewing Zack Snyder's *#Watchmen* and Sucker Punch ?
cassandra vailus
cassandra vailus Prieš mėn
btw i have both the og power rangers movie and 2017 version
Z S Prieš mėn
Have y'all featured that Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come?
Charlene Hall
Charlene Hall Prieš mėn
You got to do wizards of waverly place the movie final battle scene oh a maybe the scene where max disappears in a tornado 🌪
Hosea Beatz
Hosea Beatz Prieš mėn
Love the Stormlight Archive shirt!!!!!
v effects. 001
v effects. 001 Prieš mėn
Look at where house thirteen some of the stuff is good and some is could be better so look at it
Camden Tellkamp
Camden Tellkamp Prieš mėn
That whole bit about how the camera artifacts make it seem unrealistic because it reminds you that you're watching it on a screen and it implies that there is a camera? That's what I think every single time I see a corridor crew muzzle flash. You guys criticize muzzle flashes for not being cut off and cropped by the frame rate of the camera, but every time I see that, I get pulled right out and am instantly reminded that this is a supposedly real muzzle flash that someone else recorded for me to watch.
VandelayOfficial Prieš mėn
Since you already looked at the original Robocop and the remake, you should check out the effects from RoboCop 2, the stop-motion in that one is pretty wild.
shyhuludyong Prieš mėn
do you know "digital man" from '95? that should be gooood!
Peter Nouwen
Peter Nouwen Prieš mėn
I would like to know how the intro of the miniseries “The 10th Kingdom” has been done. It’s television from the year 2000, but I still find that intro (pun intended) enchanting... And the rest of it has a ton of VFX in it that are quite advanced for the combination of time media and budget... (And it also has a bunch of incredibly janky VFX... not gonna deny it...)
Tatsuya Shiba
Tatsuya Shiba Prieš mėn
You should react to some kdramas. The stunts in Healer and The K2 are really great. Both are done by Ji Chang Wook. The Divine Fury is also really good! Its a korean movie with Park Seo Joon. The CGI and fight scenes in the 3 that I've listed are really good, at least in my opinion. Would be great to see some reaction videos to kdramas and kpop (Blackpink has some cool music videos). I know you reacted to parasite but it would be great if you react to some kdramas and kpop as well. Love the channel! Keep up the good work!
BUZMAN Gaming Prieš mėn
You guys should react to a LTtownr that goes by the name Mike Habjan. He does CGI but mostly on his fight between Superman vs Hulk. Solid work in my opinion and I think you guys would be amazed considering all of the animations are done by just him.
25taylor91 Prieš mėn
Dungeons and Dragons (2000) PLEASE GOD
TJNBR1 Prieš mėn
Do godzilla
FischerB Prieš mėn
GGG CAPA Prieš mėn
React to Love Death + Robots. Season 2 trailer just dropped and how the heck have you guys not reacted to that?? Great animation/cg
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez Prieš mėn
Can yall react to the planet of the apes trilogy
DJ Cruzi
DJ Cruzi Prieš mėn
Have you watched Zombeavers?! I would lose my mind if you did a VFX artists react to Horror VFX!!! Especially low budget horror movies like Zombeavers!
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke Prieš mėn
zordmaker Prieš mėn
You're wrong. About 30% of the backgrounds are real location plates of Sydney, not miniatures, shot with motion control and using cones placed in the background as reference points. I know. I was there. I also built all the zords... zordmaker.artelex.com/
Steph Prieš mėn
How about a VFX reacts on animals, it's come such a long way but still sometimes it goes so wrong. I have a thing about CGI horses, they just never seem to move right. Some of the horse falls in LoTR are mad, the horse kind of shrink as they fall. Especially in the battle of Minas Tirith.
thenextmrsbrownful Prieš mėn
Comment inthe comments. Final Fantasy Spirits Within. We were sold REAL. Has it held up? L.A. Noire... deepfake that. How powerful is a Silicon Graphics compared to today? You did the early mac test. Video Toaster Amiga, Babylon 5 and Seaquest.... Can you make it and then improve it like you did with Tron.
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez Prieš mėn
I see you with the Stormlight t-shirt, Wren!
Jesse van Rheenen
Jesse van Rheenen Prieš mėn
React to League of Legends cinematics 'Awaken' or 'Warriors'.
George Hulley
George Hulley Prieš mėn
Gulliver's Travels 1996 mini series needs a VFX reaction too.
jake ladd
jake ladd Prieš mėn
Check out starship troopers
P L Prieš mėn
Is any of this British commercial CG? I have some guesses, but not 100% sure lttown.info/baby/z2ioi5iaubCCaao/vaizdo-ra-as
Stealth Gaming
Stealth Gaming Prieš mėn
You guys should look at king Aurther legend of the sword
Steven Reed
Steven Reed Prieš mėn
Hey Crew! Love the channel! Have you guys ever looked at the bad cgi in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?
Kepler Battles
Kepler Battles Prieš mėn
Yall should check out the post-bamishment scene from Rango. Great sims, framing and color work.
melanie delaney
melanie delaney Prieš mėn
I need Corridor Digital to see the masterpiece of melodysheep LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life
Al Imran
Al Imran Prieš mėn
Please react to LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS before vol. 2 comes out!!!!!!!!!!
RicoChico 69
RicoChico 69 Prieš mėn
React to Love, Robots and Death before S2??
mapzta Prieš mėn
Guys, Check out Christine from 1983. Especially the scene where the car fixes itself. A pretty simple, but yet really effective technique. lttown.info/baby/0Zauf7d7qJGWnZA/vaizdo-ra-as
marshall2024 Prieš mėn
The car scenes in the Foreign Drive movie on Netflix, looks like a video game
Lani-Marie Carbonel
Lani-Marie Carbonel Prieš mėn
Okay. Pirates of the Caribbean. Stunts and CG, for the most part, so great, never distracting or pulls me out. Especially Davy Jones. Mans is nasty. BUT! the kraken? especially when it's taking down a ship and moving crazy fast? that ish is janky asf
Your big Fan
Your big Fan Prieš mėn
Tristan McCann
Tristan McCann Prieš mėn
Airica Starwall
Airica Starwall Prieš mėn
I remember my grandparents had that PR movie on VHS, I just about wore that tape out 😂
Leander Pfau
Leander Pfau Prieš mėn
You guys should look into Ronin 47 ( especially the end fight 1vs1 with keanu) would love to know what you think about the transition from tail to silk. (1:37 h in the movie)
superawessomeguy Prieš mėn
That indi skull scen traumatized me as a child, thanks for breaking it down, it's alot less scary and actually interesting now. Who needs therapy when we got u guys
FlameCubes Prieš mėn
Oooo you guys should watch a the WHOLE Japanese Kamen Rider Series (same genre as Power Rangers, Tokusatsu)
Carsten Jäckle
Carsten Jäckle Prieš mėn
Could you please react to the robot-dog in A-X-L? Story is cinda lame but the dog looks really nice
Stephen McDougald
Stephen McDougald Prieš mėn
war for the planet of the apes
Gapb Prieš mėn
13:05 "Mister Stark, I don't look so good"
Jamie Sloan
Jamie Sloan Prieš mėn
How about reviewing the Colossus v Juggernaut fight in DP2?
D.J. Casanova
D.J. Casanova Prieš mėn
Please react to Sol Levante, it’s on Netflix. It’s an absolute masterpiece, and it’s only a couple minutes long.
Kimataro Prieš mėn
Hey idk where else to suggest this but you guys should check out For All Mankind on Apple TV. They have some crazy cool CGi work in that show thats real subtle at times. The Solar storm scene from season 2 is goosebumps worthy
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